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Goal Date: Sep 2018


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>Make a version of my meal plan recipe book & training program free for the world for life! 

Goal Date: June 2019



At 25 patrons by Oct 2018

I’ll continue doing all of the above PLUS 

I’ll finish editing and scheduling Fitness Friday articles through April 2019 to post to, my mailing list, instagram & facebook

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I’ll continue doing all of the above PLUS 

I’ll schedule a years worth of meal prep Monday posts  

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I’ll continue doing all of the above PLUS

I’ll edit & schedule a years worth of Woke Wednesday posts on

I’ll post Woke Wednesdays to Instagram and Facebook every Wednesday 

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I’ll create a free 30 day Video Series Challenge on Goal Setting / Lifestyle / Business / Health that helps people get their mind right before or while staring fitness or business goals. 

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I’ll quit my job as project manager and spend an extra 20 hours / week on creating. 

I’ll edit and schedule all 154 Meal Prep Monday, Woke Wednesday and Fitness Friday articles at to publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from May 2019-May 2020. 

At 140 Patrons 

I’ll begin Weekly Podcasts on either food, fitness or finance

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I’ll post a video to youtube every Monday, Wednesday & Friday  

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I’ll edit & publish my Born Against the Grain book series. 

At 266 Patrons ($2000/mo after fees & taxes = 22 hours / week freed) I will… 

>Continue all of the above PLUS 

>Make a version of my meal plan recipe book & training program free for the world for life! 

Goal Date: June 2019

At 300 Patrons 

I’ll publish my song “Balcony” with a music video 


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/$12.75 per hour after taxes at my current job 

66.77 / 12.75 = 5.24 So 5 hours 15 minutes 

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Updated: 8/11/18


My goal by 2028 is to have 266 subscribing patrons paying $9.99/mo. This will allow me to spend my time as delineated below and help reach our vision.


I can’t keep spending as much time as I do online without making a steady source of income online. Please know all of your questions are so very important to me. It’s the entire reason I’m here. For now on, my paying patrons will have priority in terms of getting their questions answered.Recently I’ve exhausted my G.I.Bill and have been spreading myself thin in order to meet my bare minimum needs ($1700/mo). This detracts from my mission immensely as I’m exhausted after doing executive assistant work for someone for 10 hours / day at $11.50/hour after taxes. I can’t help but think with your help, my time could be spent better educating, empowering and enlightening the people of the world about training, nutrition, and self care.


I’ve adopted the most minimal lifestyle I could have while living healthy and happy in order to devote my time to helping others. I’ve created products and marketed services for 3.5 years only to still be met with the daunting “gotta make bills.” I’ve tried to create programs and courses but in reality, in order for those things to be successful, I need a team. I need an accountant, a tax person, a marketing person, sales people, customer service people, a maid, a meal prep service, etc. A team costs money. I can’t afford a team. I don’t believe in going into debt. I’ve tried to get a team. The time it takes to negotiate fair terms and write a contract and manage that contract and relationship – I could spend creating and sharing with you and the world. I’ve tried all kinds of business models and a subscription service is the best for the vision. I don’t want to spend my time managing employees and talking to lawyers. I want to spend my time directly helping others and not producing more waste as a lot of corporate office buildings do. Multiple businesses = complex accounting. In effort to simply my accounting, bookkeeping, etc instead of keeping separate accounts for the book, planner, program, etc. I’ve spent time trying to find agents and publishers for all products only to realize I can’t compete with people with 10s of thousands of dollars to spend on marketing, graphic design, editing, etc. I’ve tried managing sales and launches of multiple products across multiple formats and it’s just detracts from the mission which is to educate. I’ve tried making opt-ins and driving traffic to my site and set up a sales funnel, etc. The time it takes for this to produce an income that will allow me to continue with the mission is unsurmountable. Selling multiple products means managing multiple accounts and reporting multiple incomes – basically stress. I’ve analyzed everyday to sell my products – from brand ambassadors to —— and it all just adds up to more stress, less helping others. I’m not here for riches or fame. I’m here to educate and empower. All I want to do is share tips and tricks for a better life with the world. I want to make the world a better place. Having to work jobs for $11.50/hour stops me from doing this. I’ve dreamt and analyzed growing an enormous business in order to reach my mission but have realized that would only detract from the mission. I’ve tried to work an 40hour/ week job and run a business on the side and have learned that something has to give – whether it be my workouts, my meal prep, my sleep, my quality time with my friends & family and I’m not willing to give up my sleep, workouts, meal prep or quality time with my friends and family. I have to pay rent and eat and get to work. That means my videos, my content, my products, recipes, time and money saving tips and tricks my marketing, my communicating with people in need and helping others goes to the waste side and then I’m not doing much for the vision. I’ve tried and tried and tried to create a product that will sale enough to cover expenses. Reality is you need money to make money. Help me offer my products that help people live healthy and happy for FREE to the entire world. I’m a point now there are enough who believe in what I do. I’ve tried to run social media campaigns to get business – the time necessary doesn’t exist when I’m supporting myself by myself. As a massage therapist, personal trainer I primarily deal with people with disposable income. My heart is with those barely making it. I come from a family who barely makes it still to this day. You’d be helping me make a service that is usually only available to affluent population available to low income families. Help me make the world a healthy, happy, conscious place.

All I want to do with my life is help other people.


-Sleep 8 hours / day so I can give my best to the people of the world

-Read & mediate for 10-30 minutes day so I can share it with the world

-Weight Train 4 hours / week

-Work 8 hours / day on content & publishing that content across all platforms in a way that will reach as many as possible and help as best as possible

-Spend quality time in the the evenings after 6pm with my friends, family & nature and document and share with the world as an example of quality of life

-Take care of my home & car (oil, grocery, laundry, etc.)

-Manage my finances daily (I’m completely debt free and will remain that way)

-Accomplish one to-do item / day such as paying a bill or running an errand, or mopping the floor.


that’s helping me fight negativity, greed & disease, and make the world a more healthy, happy, woke home for us all and the further generations. Your monthly subscription will help me dedicate my time and energy to solutions in stead of sales. For the next 12 months I had activities planned to optimize the business but because I have to pay bills and upkeep my wellness lifestyle, the likelihood of any of them getting done is slim to none. What I do changes lives. Check out these testimonials. People donate to animal rescue. Think of becoming a G.I.Lane Patron as donating to human rescue. I will basically be working for you, my patrons 8 hours / day.


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