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WokeFokk is a Lifestyle E-Book by G.I.Lane© that helps people get their Mind Right before and while embarking on fitness and / or business goals. 

This book includes: 

  • Wants Vs. Needs Chart that lists all elements needed for your goal
  • A Daily Routine Habit Worksheet to get your time management on point 
  • List of the Pillars of Health in Priority from greatest to least 
  • Purpose Worksheets to help you find what you love and aspire to be 
  • My Philosophies on Life and the details of each 
  • A Mango Basil Smoothie Recipe to get your Meal Plan & Prep locked on 
  • A Leg-Day Workout to build the muscle you’re going to need for these dreams of yours. 

Your E-Book will be sent to your email shortly. Thank you for joining my family. Cheers to your fitness & health. 

<3 G.I. 


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