As a born-and-raised Kansas City girl with a burning passion for life I’m happy to have created a lifestyle that inspires hundreds of people world-wide.

Through my first-class books, planners, programs, I help people like you live happy and healthy with sustainable solutions that back up a lifetime of results.

My Core Values

These are the top four principles that drive my team & I’s behavior and decisions:

Faith. Health. Strength. Quality of Life.

Some other things we value: Freedom. Minimalism. Peace. Reflection. Self Inquiry. Quality time. Experience. Time Management. Friend/Fun/Nature Daily. Authenticity. Goal oriented. Efficiency. Fulfillment. Future oriented. Organization. Respect. Change, Growth. Kindness. Love. Discipline. Frugality. 

How it all Started

Since I can remember, I’ve had a burning passion to understand human behavior in terms of health and happiness. I’ve always wanted to know what makes people happy, thrive and produce. Why do some seem to have it all together while others find a permanent seat on the struggle bus?

After not eating or sleeping for weeks in 2011 due to stress and two hospital visits later I realized prioritizing my health made me the happiest. I gave up stressful relationships, gained more independence, focused on my food and fitness and began building a program from scratch.

I was dubbed “G.I.Lane(c)” for my unrelenting commitment to a self empowered bad-assery.

From meeting demands of the Marine Corps, graduating college at SDSU, and working as a naval government contractor, to traveling the world by myself, self publishing books, becoming a trainer, massage therapist and yoga instructor I’m proof that busy and money-conscious individuals can still live happy and healthy, given the right tools.

I believe the world should be filled with healthy, happy people.

That includes mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical health. I believe that whether you work a 9-5, serve our country or are a stay at home parent, a creative and sustainable approach to life is critical to fully function in this modern world and to live in with the highest health and happiness you deserve.

Most importantly, I know that no matter what your circumstances are you have the power to prioritize you and by doing so, reach the healthiest and happiest you FOR LIFE.

And Now for You

I’m here to help. My brand is built on the backbone of love, a passion for people, and commitment to be an example of self empowered health and happiness.

Through my free content, paid online programs and all else I offer, I’m in this to make a difference. To help you build a relationship with yourself, your food and your fitness that you truly love.

Whether you’re beginning to or have been managing your food and fitness, I’m here to help you save time and money all while reaching the highest levels of freedom, fitness and fulfillment.

If you’ve made it this far

My sincerest gratitude. I trust this is the beginning of a healthy, happy relationship between the two of us. I’d love to get to know you better. The best way is to sign up for my newsletter here. As a thank you, receive my FREE lifestyle e-book.

Although I’m active on social media, I spend a lot of time writing traditional blogs just for you. Therefore, if you want the insiders scoop, my weekly tips and tricks is where the action is at. You will mostly hear from me on Fridays.

Your time and attention in checking out what I’m about is so very much appreciated. I’m ecstatic we are now family and look forward to the road ahead.

With all of my heart and soul,

Stephanie Lane


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My Qualifications

Undergraduate Diploma in Psychology

San Diego State University, 2013

Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jan 2016

National Certifying Exam

Advanced Personal Trainer 

National Personal Training Institute, Jan 2016

500 Hours Prac

Corrective Exercise Specialist 

National Academy of Sports Medicine &

 National Personal Training Institute, April 2016

Licensed Massage Therapist 

California Massage Board

Bellus Academy, February 2016

800 Hours Prac

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine

National Personal Training Institute, October 2017

Certified Weight Loss Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine

National Personal Training Institute, October 2017

Certified Health Coach 

National Personal Training Institute, October 2017

Certified Yoga Instructor

Megan Doyle

Yoga Alliance

National Personal Training Institute, July 2018

500 Hours Prac