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The Answer to one Small Sustainable Step at a time for a Lifetime of Results

Food, Fitness, Flexibility or Personal Lifestyle Coaching 

Only Three Spots Available Each Month!

In order to provide you world-class coaching, we limit our attention to three clients / month. It is important that our coaches maintain a close relationship with our clients. Ones that don’t distract from others.

November 2017 – Full

Client List: Anna Follet, Yadira Sanchez, Anthony Cissel

December 2017 – 3 Spots Available

January 2017 – 3 Spots Available

February 2017 – 3 Spots Available

March 2017 – 3 Spots Available

April 2017 – 0 spots available

May 2017 – Pending

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is like your best friend who just so happens to have her degree in Psychology, is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Author to a Meal Plan Recipe Book who’s been through it all be there for you every waking moment of the day to call or ask questions about anything to.


In order to provide time and budget friendly meal planning for everyone, I’ve put the most common meal plans I design for people all in one book all for $34.99. When your goals change or you reach your goal and need to just maintain, or re-adjust you have all the meal plans you need to carry you through a healthy year, every year for the rest of your life!

Our 6 Meal Plans

  • General Health (Just wanting to eat well in general, not necessarily gain or lose weight)
  • Cutting (Trying to reduce body fat, not necessarily body weight)
  • Ketogenic (Trying to reduce 30+ lbs of body weight fast)
  • Clean Bulking (Trying to gain 10+ lbs of lean muscle mass without gaining extra body fat)
  • Bulking (Trying to gain 30+ lbs of body weight)
  • Vegan (Trying to avoid animal products)

Each of these 6 meal plans are in every one of our Meal Plan Recipe book for only $34.99!

Our Meal Plans Include

  • The best time for each of the 7 meals in each meal plan
  • Why to eat at these times
  • What protein, carb, fat, fruit and veggies are best for each goal at each meal
  • What specific food items are best for each of the 7 meals for each of the 6 goals
  • Specific quantities for each food time for each of the 7 meals for each of the 6 goals
  • A daily macro calculator chart you can use to calculate how many calories, protein, carbs & fat you need based on scientific recommendation.
  • A chart to plan what sources you’re going to get your protein from based on your specific goal

Need Guidance?

It is our goal that every American have the tools to know how to calculate their own macros (daily protein, carbs & fat gram needs) for their specific goal and plan their meals for the rest of their life. Hence why we’ve collected all the tools necessary and then some and put it all in a book for you for only $34.99! If you’d prefer being walked through creating a custom meal plan for yourself including custom macros or do not see a meal plan right for your goal above, we offer personal coaching via 4-1 hour Telephone Consultations or Unlimited Online Communication for 30 days.


  • Get step by step guidance through G-I-Lane’s 12 Month Training Program

SUGGESTED MATERIALS – G.I.Lane’s Meal Plan Recipe Book 12 Month Training Program


  • Identify goals and benchmarks for your flexibility needs

SUGGESTED MATERIALS – G.I.Lane’s Lifestyle Planner


  • Working on a goal like owning your own business but don’t know where to start? G.I.Lane holds true to it’s core values when developing a personal goal such as a business. Time is taken to identify personal enjoyments, personal ambitions, personal values, a vision, a mission, life goals, 10, 5 and 1 year goals, and the subsequent 1, 3, 6 month, 9 month goals necessary to make all of that happen. We can also offer guidance with creating a logo true to your morals and values, selecting a slogan, wordmark and company icon. We offer a lifestyle planner here that can assist in the process and keep all of these ideas organized in one place while helping maintain health and fitness goals as well.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation ($75 Value) to a) identify how I can best help you, b) Identify your #1 highest priority goal & timeline to complete it c) identify your greatest challenge d) come up with the highest priority solution to break the barrier between you and your goal, establish a specific goal & timeline for your solution and decide which coaching method is best for you.

  • 4 Hours Telephone Consultation -or- Unlimited Online Communication (Over $300 Value) Schedule 4-1 hour weekly calls ($300 value) with me to go over your progress, solve any issues, and identify your next steps. Or choose to contact me at online any time you’d like via instagram, facebook, email or text message for 30 days. Under very rare occasions do I not respond within the hour. I exhaust all possible means to make sure an issue or concept is resolved, understood clearly, internalized and sustainable in writing. If additional clarification is needed, and you have opted for unlimited contact but would like to speak to me, you can do so by purchasing a single hour of consulting here. Average online clients receive a minimum of 8 hours of contact per month of coaching ($600 value).

  • Be my #1 Priority! (Priceless)

You are my priority and have priority in my daily schedule. When you are one of my only three coaching clients per month, you can rest assured I’m not spread too thin to take the best care of you possible. You are what I’m focused on when I wake up, throughout my day and when I go to sleep. When I go about my daily life I think about things to make yours easier. Your one of the few people I prioritize in my daily life.

  • I Won’t Let You Go! (Priceless) 

    We all have set backs. But when you stay G.I.Lane committed to it you just fall down and never fall off. When you’re one of my three online coaching clients I will make sure to touch base with you if I haven’t heard from you in a week and work through absolutely everything and anything I can in my professional scope of work to keep you on track and get you to your goal!

  • Accountability (Priceless)

Establish a plan to promote your goal and keep yourself accountable for life not only to your coach but to your loved ones and hundreds of people you have the potential of inspiring.


  • Use the link provided to check out
  • See the hours of operation.
  • Email
    • what time and date you’d like to have your initial consultation
    • whether you opt for the 4-1 hour telephone consultation sessions or the unlined online contact
    • if opting for the 4-1 hour consulting sessions, what time and date you’d like to have all four of your sessions within a 30 day period
  • Conduct your initial consultation as scheduled
  • Get Coached
    • If opting for the 4-1 hour consulting sessions – come up with a plan and conduct weekly consultations as scheduled
    • If opting for the Unlimited Online Contact – come up with a plan during your initial consultation and keep in touch online as often as you’d like to ask as many questions as you’d like in as great of detail as you’d like
  • It is highly suggested to purchase these materials for the following coaching for the most effective use of your money spent in coaching
    • Meal : G.I.Lane’s Meal Plan Recipe Book
    • Fitness: G.I.Lane’s 12 Month Training Program
    • Flexibility: G.I.Lane’s Lifestyle Planner
    • Lifesyle: G.I.Lane’s Lifestyle Planner


Thank you for considering G.I.Lane Coaching Services. We look forward to serving you.

Cheers to your fitness and health!

Stephanie Lane

G.I.Lane & Company

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